Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Beware of dubious compatible printer cartridge offers on the Internet

Fortunately, most Internet suppliers of printer cartridges offer reasonable quality inkjets and toners to the public. Physically looking at a cartridge, or looking at an (web page) image of one will not help you in determining if you are getting a reliable product.
There are a number of ways to minimize the risk of buying a dud cartridge:

  1.             Be wary of buying compatible cartridges on Ebay or Amazon or similar marketing sites, especially if the prices are too good to be true; they usually are. You don’t know it your purchases are legit until you receive them.
    2.    Look for a guarantee with the purchase
    3.    Sites that also sell genuine cartridges as well as compatible ones will normally prove reliable.
    4.    Look up the ‘about’ section of a supplier, and see if they also offer an address.
    5.    If a supplier offers a large range of product, it usually means that they have researched the quality of their stock.
    6.    Check to see if the supplier offers back-up support. If they are dodgy then why would they want to support their product.
    7.    Do a Google/Yahoo etc. search of the business you are considering buying from. This will give you a feel for their reliability.
There are brands of compatible cartridges, though acceptable, are not as good a quality as the genuine. If you find this situation occurring to you, ask the supplier what brand it is, and when you need to order next time, contact an alternative supplier and ask what brand (s) they use; because there are also brands that are of good quality.Two highly regarded brands of compatible printers are G&G™ and Focus®.