Monday, 16 December 2013


Have you asked yourself why so many offers of cheap printer cartridges advertised on eBay seem too good to be true? 

Unfortunately, if you go ahead with your order, and upon installing the cartridge, you disappointingly find that indeed it was too good to be true! It might be that the print quality is not quite good enough in that it doesn't truly reflect the colour but has a faded appearance, or the print is not sharp but has blurry edges. In photos the colours might run into each other.
Why should printer cartridges advertised on supplier web sites be of reasonable quality when those advertised on eBay be inferior?
This is no reflection on eBay. They are offering a marketing venue for merchants to sell their products, and are not responsible for the quality of those products.
What you, the purchaser, need to be aware of, are the following qualifications you should put on your purchase decision for printer cartridges:
  • that printer ink and toner are very expensive commodities to manufacture, more expensive than the most expensive champagnes per mille litre. So if a printer cartridge is very cheap then the vendor is not providing suitable quality
  • that the vendor does not offer any guarantees/warranties as to the quality of their product
  • they have not undertaken any research into the quality of the product they are selling
  • once you have outlayed your hard earned cash for their product, it is gone; there is no recourse such as a product review web page to complain as you didn't buy from a business where reputation is important
This does not mean to say you shouldn't buy compatible printer cartridges and enjoy the savings when compared to genuine cartridges.
As long as the supplier is established offering a range of choice on their web page, and is guaranteeing to refund/replace the product if you the consumer is not satisfied with the purchase, then go ahead with your purchase.

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