There are ways to get more ink or toner yield from printer cartridges, whether genuine , remanufactured , or compatible.
So save money buying print cartridges by following these handy tips:
1) When the cartridge appears to have expired, take it out & give it a firm, but not too vigoroushake, say half a dozen times, reinstal it and you could further usage.
2) Purchase more than one cartridge at a time if via the internet, involving couriers, and save on delivery costs. Most supplers will only charge a one-time fee (incl. ABC Print Supplies).
3) If you do have cartridges in storage, then on a regular basis (say monthly).., shake them in their packaging (NOTE: Do not open the packaging until you use them).
4) If you don't need colour for your printing, although you have coloured cartidges installed, then use grayscale in the print instructions & leave this mode as default.

And don't forget, yield is approximately 5% of an A4 page (roughly a normal paragraph). Check out our previous blog post on yields @

We thank our sponsers at ABC Printsupplies along with other suppliers for providing this information.