Saturday, 9 June 2012


Clues to get better performance
Sometimes, your printer just won't print properly. You press the 'print' button and your report printout is not very clear. The printout, in fact, is faded, as though you are running out of ink/toner.
But you know the cartridge is nearly full - you only used it last month to print out that recipe.
So you think it is defective.
Before you phone the supplier to demand a replacement/refund, it could pay you to check the printer head. The chances are it is clogged with dried ink/toner or dust. The problem is solved by cleaning the head of the printer. Find your printer manual on how to do this, along with other troubleshooting hints if the printer is not performing.
You find that you are not printing even though the printer screen advises you have a percentage still to use. There is in the cartridge residual ink/toner. Like toothpaste in a tube it can't be accessed. This combined with toner dust (toner remains) will effect the reading on your printer so as you think you have say 20% usage remaining but in reality you are out of ink/toner.

Another reason your printer is not printing properly (or suddenly at all after just recently installing it) is that you might not have removed the seal or tab protecting the ink from dispersing during travel.
The manufacturer will allow a minimum of usage for test purposes without the seal/tab being removed, which falsely lets you believe the cartridge is operational.

And if you think that the quality of the print is inferior, check the printer settings. For example in Microsoft Windows under print preferences you have different print quality choices including high, standard, fast, & custom. If the setting is on 'fast' you won't have the same quality of print as 'high'.

We thank our sponsers at ABC Printsupplies along with other suppliers for providing this information.