Thursday, 21 June 2012



 How do you get rid of those used printer cartridges in an environmentally friendly way (e-waste recycling)? 

This is becoming a more vexing problem for business and householders as they dispose of MANY MILLIONS of printer cartridges each year - mostly ending up in land fills with long term environmental issues (scary for future generations - bequeathing them a dump). Plastic is a material that nature finds particularly difficult to decompose taking an extremely long period of time. so alternative uses need to be found for them.

One alternative use is remanufacturing of the cartridges, and this is becoming more evident with companies turning profitability from reproducing high quality toner & printer cartridges.

Another alternative use is to break down the cartridges, using the componentry in other industries.

But where can you dispose of the cartridges?

The good news is that organisations are putting their clout behind solving this problem. They call it e-waste recycling and it makes a lot of sense. Look up keywords like 'recycling printer cartridges' or 'printer cartridge collection'on your favourite search engine site ( Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.)

To help the environment in another way, especially if you are a business, create a disposal box on your premises, and only take it to a disposal centre when it is full. That way you are not using as much fuel in transportation - and fossil fuel consumption creates carbon emissions. 

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