Wednesday, 23 May 2012


No seal, no deal!
When you, the consumer, open your internet ordered new or remanufactured printer cartridge, be it genuine or compatible, one of the first things you should do after jumping for joy because it has arrived so punctually, is to check that the seal to the cartridge is in place.
If there is no seal the quality of that toner/inkjet is compromised. Think in terms of when you open a jar of tomato paste you purchased from the supermarket. If there is no click of the seal decompressing, you will probably have nothing more to do with it, especially if it looks mouldy inside.
The standard shipping seal is located between the magnetic roller  and the toner hopper, and is a very thin material mostly inside the cartridge, with an end sticking out that has a pull tag.
Its purpose is to retain the toner in the hopper so no toner can leak into the magnetic roller cavity causing toner leaks during transit.
The magnetic rollers are preloaded with toner for testing and if the seal is not pulled you will be able to print 2-3 pages of quality prints before it displays the same issues as an empty cartridge.
So don't forget to remove the seal by pulling on the tab.
Sometimes a seal is accidentally removed or not installed correctly - which you may see straight away on opening it as there may be some toner leakage in the packaging.

For how to remove sealing tape from a toner cartridge (and other cartridge clues), there is an useful article at eHow tech

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