Wednesday, 23 May 2012


In this age of automation, very few mistakes in orders occur.

And why is that? Well probably because there is very little human interactivity to stuff it up.
The customer places his order from a website. He enters the printer/cartridge oem/sku (supplier code) and the product is displayed in detail. He then clicks on add/purchase etc and goes through the buying routine.
At the end of the day, whatever time close off is, the system will automatically produce a CSV spreadsheet with all the correct printer cartridges that is passed on to the warehouse.
The warehouse can then automatically pick those products (electronically from the shelf), and produce a picking label with the address as supplied by the customer. Wrong address equates to a customer error, which does happen (human interactivity).
As the orders go to dispatch, a computerised weighing system checks that what the error purports is correct weight-wise.
The customer then receives his order, and if he tries a bit of trickery by complaining about his cartridge only being 60% full, there is that weight record.
With so much similar coding for printer cartridges, and over 4,000 different products in the total range, the system generally works very well for getting the order right

We thank our sponsers at ABC Printsupplies along with other suppliers for providing this information.