Thursday, 3 May 2012


End users are often confused by packaging identification & different size cartridges to the originals.

We are getting feedback about customers who order compatible cartridges on the internet, upon receiving them and opening the outer package, find a product code that is nothing like the printer OEM model (e.g. TN2250) they ordered. It will instead read as something like FN2366483, which is an international code. 
They are concerned that if they open the box & it's not what they ordered, that the internet supplier won't replace it.
Manufacturers, the customer doesn't need this. Can't you, or the wholesaler at your recommendation, insert a label with the model(s) the cartridge is used for.
Also, copyright laws are making it such that there  a 25+% difference is required  in the physical shape of the compatible to the original. Possibly a note to this effect would make life easier for retailers & customers, along the lines that although the shape is different, the quantity/quality of the product is not effected.
Compatible manufacturers, you've improved your act over time with the quality of your product. It's now time to improve your marketing - get to it!

We thank our sponsors at ABC Printsupplies along with other suppliers for providing this information.