Sunday, 22 July 2012


Compatible cartridges might not always be compatible with other compatible cartridges.

Confused? What we are advising you to be careful of, is using different brands of compatilbe cartridges together at the same time.
Any compatible brand manufacturer, such as G & G, is making different size printer cartridges from the genuine cartridges for two reasons. First, copyright laws are obliging them to be 35% different to genuine cartridges in shape, by 35%+. The second reason is that they are making them with more yield capacity making them more attractive to the consumer.
They will make certain that the compatible cartridge(s) will fit in with the genuine one, think for example colour & black combination.
But if you have a compatible black cartridge from say Printrite, it won't necessarily work with a G & G coloured cartridge. Why not? Because they can have a shape that wants to take up the same space as the other compatible, i.e. their bulge might be designed to use the same vacant place in the printer cartridge storage area as the other brand.
The solution is to stick to the one brand of compatibles.  

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