Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Ordering the wrong printer cartridge can be expensive & time lost.

Are you virtually sitting be the front door waiting for the courier to arrive with the urgently needed printer cartridge, and yes, he's here. You'll just have time to print out that urgently needed investment report you have brilliantly compiled, and will clinch the deal for you.
But whoa, the cartridge won't fit! You phone the supplier & give him 'what for'. They investigate your order, and courteously advise that you ordered the TN2130 toner cartridge for your printer. Yes, you
They say they sent you what you ordered. They then ask what is your printer model...why it's a  Brother HL2130. Ah, sorry. But the correct cartridge for the HL2130 is theTN2030. Did you check the √úse for printers section', when you placed your order? Nooooooo!
Can you return it to the supplier? Not if you've opened it, which you probably would have done to discover it didn't fit.
 Not only do you have to order the correct printer cartridge, and pay for it, with no one wanting the used one, but your urgent report hasn't been printed. So what was the name of the client's PA, maybe I can email it to her & she can print it off for me before I get to the meeting....DUH!
To conclude, why don't the Brand suppliers make sure their products differentiate their printer & cartidge SKU's (product numbers).
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P.S. The correct toner cartridge for a Brother HL2130 printer is the TN2030.