Tuesday, 13 March 2012


How can we minimize printer cartridge dumping by businesses, large & small?
Businesses are becoming more conscious of polluting their environment, and are becoming socially aware of the need to dispose of their wastage in order to have a minimum effect on pollution.
They use large volumes of toner & ink cartridges, and when they are used, can't find a way to dispose of them.
So you entrepreneurial types out there, here is your chance to make money.
From my experiences, businesses would be happy to keep a container for waste cartridges, either genuine &/or compatible. And they will pay for the service.
Not only could you charge for a collection service to the business users, but also earn from selling on genuine cartridges for remanufacture, and to organisations who break down the compatibles for their components.
If you already have a business that does this work, send us an email with your webpage and we'll link it to this blog! The email address is cart.environment@gmail.com.
For further information on  cartridge recycling and other cartridge information check out this link to http://www.inkguides.com/ink-toner-cartridge-recycling.asp

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