Sunday, 12 February 2012


When you order ink or printer cartridges (or anything else for that matter) via the internet or by telephone, then you might advise that if you are not at the premises at time of delivery, to leave the cartridge(s) in a certain location e.g. under back stairs (known as Authority to Leave, or ATL).
But you should read the terms of suppliers/couriers.
In many cases, unless you begin your authority with 'If no one at premises, then....', the courier will place the order in your requested location without knocking or entering reception first.
We see customers who have not left the premises wondering why delivery has net been made, forgetting they placed an ATL, or assuming the courier would contact you on arrival.
And as for wanting the courier to deliver between X and Y hours, forget it, they don't have the time to personalise delivery.
Note:   This blog is applicable to Australian courier proceedures.