Tuesday, 1 July 2014


fREQUENTLY you  hear commercial printer users state that they would never risk using a compatible or remanufactured cartridge. The reasons given include:
1) The printer service representative states that they will clog up my printer and you'll have to get another one
2) We can't afford to produce low quality print which will reflect on us from our customers
3) I tried some that I picked up on Ebay at a really low price and they didn't work, and when I tried to contact the seller I couldn't.
So these reasons are enough to give you nightmares. But what of the many businesses that do use them and continually reorder generic cartridges? They have to have something going for them.
If you do your purchasing through a reputable vendor, either on the internet or through a retail shop, then you are assured of good quality or your money back.
Its an interesting observation that many retailers such as Officeworks are stocking and selling more generic printer cartridges than ever before. Why? Because they work, and they work well.
This in turn is a reflection on the confidence people are expressing in the reliability from using them. It also demonstrates the savings they are making in their purchases.

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