Monday, 9 April 2012


Deciding what printer you need is a hard choice.

The question we all ask when the time comes to purchase a new printer is which one to get.
Well there is no easy answer to this question because there are so many options, but there is one very important factor which most of us overlook, beside the price of the printer, and what its features are.
All sorts of things effect our decision as to what to buy - brand, output, colour print, paper size capability, dual sided capability.
Seems to about cover it, except for the most overlooked factor of all.
How much do replacement printer cartridges cost?
The reason the Brand names retail ink & toner printers at low prices is that the profit is not in the hardware, its in the cartridge sales that go on into the future.
We can't advise you all with your individual requirements as to what computer to buy. But we can say to you to check out the cartridge prices of your short list, it could save you big time.

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