Sunday, 18 September 2011


And the thought that comes up immediately into your mind is ‘price’.

Well, yes & no.

Yes, because you will buy the cheapest price if you are satisfied it will do the job, to an acceptable level.

No, because for a lot of users they are prepared to even pay more if they believe they are getting better value for money i.e. quantity of usage, quality of ink, effect on the longitivity of the printer.

And it is the ‘no’ factor that the suppliers of genuine ink cartridges have been hanging their hats on. But is the user been duped?

Recent snippets of information coming through suggest that the compatible cartridges are leaving genuine sales behind, forcing the brand name manufacturers such as Canon, Lexmark, etc to vigorously  attempt to try legal means to stop the invasion of the ‘look- a- likes’.

Compatible cartridges are either made from new “cores” (the plastic housing holding the ink or toner) or made from used empty cores that have been tested and refilled to factory specifications. All compatible cartridges are fully compatible with the machines and will not void any warranty. The compatible industry has greatly matured in the past few years providing high levels of reliability and quality while employing cutting edge manufacturing techniques.

An example of why the compatibles are winning can be seen from a compatible ink manufacturer:
“….extensive tests on our Brother LC-37/47/57 ink cartridges and although Brother boast about their "Innobella" inks, we can’t pick the difference in print quality between our compatibles and their Genuine cartridges. Even on high gloss photographic paper we can notice NO difference in print quality. All of our compatible Brother ink cartridges are manufactured to ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards.” 

For an informative article highlighting why the compatible cartridge is moving ahead, read the following link on the Brother TN-210 compatible replacing OEM cartridge